Having your own personal trainer may seem like a luxury only available to celebrities. That, however, is not the case. With Mina Method, you will find personal training services designed for the average person.
In just 4 sessions, the Mina Method will teach you exercises that will last you a lifetime. This training is perfect for those swamped with work and parenting or just looking for a little motivation.

morning upon waking up

Mina Method consists of simple exercises performed right in bed each morning upon waking up.

Before you know it, those sluggish morning hours will transform into an energetic start to your day.

morning upon waking up

your own pace

With Mina Method, nothing is forced.
There is no pressure, no preparation. Just start off relaxed.
What’s most important is to go at your own pace.
There is no need to overexert yourself.

start with what you can do yourself

Mina Method is sure to add some lightness and comfort to your daily routine.

First, start with what you can do yourself.
This is the secret to living a fun healthy life while saving money in the process.

start with what you can do yourself

Morning Exercise in Bed
What's Mina Method?

  • Learn the stretches and exercises practiced daily in ballet

  • Gently wake your body for a fresh morning start

  • Prevent injuries and maintain your figure while increasing muscle strength and flexibility

“Mina Method Morning Exercises in Bed” is a simple and effective full-body exercise crafted over 10 years of personal experimentation by Mina Iguchi, an instructor of ballet. Ballerinas must practice day in and day to develop supple yet robust muscular strength. Based on the simple basic training that comprises ballet lessons, Mina came up with a natural program that anybody at any age can begin.
With exercise, only continued practice brings results.
Believing in the importance of consistent daily practice carried out quietly at home, Mina Method will help you conquer knee and back pain while maintaining a flexible, toned body. Mina's lifelong exercises can be practiced without alteration both today and in the future.
Today is the age of preventative medicine. With all the information available on health, why not concentrate on what we can do now to keep ourselves healthy rather than waiting until we need medical care. Mina Method’s natural exercises will transform everyday into something comfortable and fun.

What can you do to improve your beauty & health right now?

  • Reexamine your eating habits

  • Get daily moderate exercise

These 2 practices carry an immeasurable effect in staying healthy and beautiful with age. Still, it is natural to wonder just what is “moderate” or whether you are doing exercises right. This is exactly what Mina Method’s private instruction is for.
By simply exercising for 15 to 30 minutes everyday your body will begin to transform. You will recognize physical changes that occur as you focus on and learn about your body.
This is the true meaning of taking care of yourself.
As your body changes, your movements become more graceful, giving you confidence in the process. This leads to a livelier, more charming you.

What problems or worries can we solve with Mina Method?

  • Anybody can start it

    Anyone can do Mina Method regardless of one’s age or flexibility.
    There is no need for stylish sportswear or exercising until you lose your breath and are covered in sweat.
    What’s important is to slowly and steadily strengthen your core while improving your flexibility and reflexes by moving your entire body.
    Mina Method is perfect not only for those struggling with exercise or out of shape but also for those who are embarrassed to exercise in front of others or can’t be bothered going out. What’s more, it’s a great warm up for yoga and Pilates as well as for building basic muscle strength for playing sports such as golf, tennis and running.

  • Maintaining muscle strength

    Did you know that after turning 30 your muscle mass shrinks by 0.5 to 1% per year?
    After 40 it’s around 1% and after 50 muscle mass drops 1 to 3% on average annually.
    The troubles caused by loss of muscular strength can be found everywhere in our daily lives robbing us of comfort and enjoyment.
    What’s more, as your base metabolic rate decreases, it becomes easier to put on weight.
    Just like brushing your teeth, creating a habit of practicing Mina Method every morning helps you maintain muscle strength for a happy and fun life every day.

  • Alleviating and preventing back pain, etc.

    Reduced muscle strength can cause back pain and arthritis leading to a constant everyday battle with pain.
    For those of you currently suffering from pain, strengthening the muscles in the affected areas and practicing exercises to alleviate this pain can get you 1 step closer to a more comfortable life.
    80% of Japanese have experienced back pain. For those who have been unaffected up until now, make sure not to take this for granted.
    This is the age of preventative medicine where injuries can be stopped before they happen. Let Mina Method assist you with this.

  • Toning your body

    Whether you are a man or a woman, everyone can lose confidence and interest in fashion when their figure starts to change. What’s more, declining core muscle strength can lead to visceroptosis, causing the belly to protrude, or poor posture putting added pressure on the organs and blood vessels. This not only affects one’s appearance but impacts their health as well. In order to stay positive and cheerful in both body and mind, it is very important to tone your body. Mina Method gets you moving your body from the moment you wake up, allowing you to strengthen your core and effectively tone those troublesome areas around your waist and hips as well as your buttocks and upper arms.

Mina Method will stay with you for life

  • Exercise right in bed after waking up

  • No need to worry about sportswear and or going to the gym

  • Set a comfortable pace and take time off when needed

Make sure to practice every day for the first two weeks in order to create a habit. After that, take a few days off. Then, start again and continue as long as possible before taking another break. Rest and then start again. Continuing this process leads to constant practice. If you think about continuing this into your 70’s and 80’s, then it’s not a big deal if you take some time off once in a while. This is where the first two weeks come into effect. If you take some time off your body becomes heavy, you feel bad and get impatient. This is the sign that you have created a habit! Now, it’s time to start again. Soon you will realize that it feels good to move your body! While there is nothing cool or stylish about exercising in your pajamas, there is no need to worry about sportswear or heading to the gym with Mina Method, making it the one and only home exercise you can continue for life right at home.

Mina Iguchi

Mina’s Story

While working as a ballet instructor, I was often asked: “How do you maintain your figure?” My answer was nothing more than “by moving my body a little each day.” However, the conversation often ended with “that’s because you get to dance every day for work. I’m jealous.”
The truth is that sudden dance movements during instruction are really not good for the body. In fact, they are quite dangerous, and I have injured my legs many times as a result. By the time I retired from ballet, my feet were numb to the toes, I was suffering from a slipped disk causing sharp shooting pain, my knees were injured from having knocked-knees and the base of my toes and heels hurt from the load placed on the bottom of my feet. Every day I felt pain all over my body.
However, for dancers there is pretty much no such thing as a day free from pain or some kind of injury, so I was used to it.

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But one day in addition to this feeling of discomfort, I noticed a jiggly feeling around my waist. After retiring as a dancer, I had already used up all the muscle I had accumulated, and my core muscles, which supported my back and hips and relieved them of pain, had begun to loosen and grow soft. When I woke up and got out of bed my body felt heavy and ached. I would begin slowly walking and wait to gain my strength. As always, when giving instruction I would move suddenly, strain my muscles, and as I had hardly stretched, my body only grew stiffer. I spent my days telling myself this is just how my body is and going to get massages for temporary relief. But what about this jiggly sensation I had never felt before? Given my age, I began to worry. Then, my back pain suddenly worsened. I decided “That’s it!” and finally began regular stretching and exercise.

I tried going to various gyms and learning different styles of exercise and even went in early to warm up before teaching my ballet lessons, but I was not really able to work out my whole body with such limited time nor continue this on an everyday basis. Even when exercising at home, I didn’t like the hassle of having to lay out mats, etc.
I had always heard it wasn’t good for the back to exercise on top a soft bed, but one morning I wondered “Is that really true? I’m going to try exercising right here in bed.” and began by doing little stretches and light exercise upon waking up. And it felt really good! The soft bed was really gentle on my insteps and knees, which usually hurt from coming in contact with the floor, and when I got out of bed I felt lighter in both body and mind. Not just my back but my heels as well no longer hurt when standing up, and my knees moved smoothly, free of discomfort, as I went down the stairs.
Most important, however, I was able to tone up my jiggly belly, waist and buttocks at the same time!

From here, after trying various techniques, I established a method for effectively moving the entire body over a short period of time and have continued using this for myself for over 10 years. “Continued” does not mean every day. On days when I don’t have time or can’t be bothered, I take a break. After a few days off, however, my body begins getting antsy.
As I repeated this practice, before I knew it 1 month had passed, then 6 months, then a year, and I had formed a habit that allowed me to spend every day in comfort, free from pain. I never thought this was possible during my days as a dancer. Now, morning exercise in bed is part of my daily routine. Originally, I intended to keep this as my own secret practice. There is nothing glamorous or fashionable about it, nor is it a fun strenuous exercise where you break a sweat and feel a sense of achievement. Honestly, it is pretty plain.
However, I felt the urge to tell people who found training at the gym troublesome or suffered from back pain and that flabby feeling like I had about what I had achieved in over 10 years of practice.
Because I myself have gotten older, I can confidently tell you about the benefits of the Mina Method for Morning Exercise in Bed. It is my sincere hope that this at-home exercise “for health & beauty as we age” will reach as many people as possible and become a part of their daily routine that they will enjoy for the rest of their lives.

Only 3 steps to start


Mini consultation

Mini consultation

Feel free to consult with us anytime via our contact form.
The instructor will carefully reply to all your questions or concerns.




Reserve your preferred date and time for receiving a free consultation or training session.


Free consultation

Free consultation

A free consultation is available upon request. For those who have some worries before beginning their sessions, we can meet with you for a 30-minute consultation. The location will be designated by us.


Personal training

Personal training

Please reserve a date and time for holding a training session at your location of choice. Available locations are: Mina Method Studio (Robertson Walk Singapore), clients’ residences, gyms or rental spaces such as function rooms. Feel free to consult us for details. The session lasts for 1 and a half hours including counseling.

Don’t worry about remembering all the exercises from the first lesson. After practicing them all, we will develop a program to match each one. We will then gradually increase the exercises and provide instruction so that by the 4th lesson you will have comfortably mastered everything. The program is set up to acquire the Mina Method in a total of 4 sessions, but for customers who have only requested 1 or 2 sessions, we will provide accelerated instruction. Choose the number of sessions according to your level of fitness!

Meet our instructor

Mina Iguchi

Mina Iguchi

Residing in Singapore, Mina Iguchi is the founder of Mina Method.
After retiring as a ballet dancer, Mina came up with a set of efficient full-body exercises to be done right in bed. She developed these for herself in her late 20s. After spending more than 10 years establishing and satisfying herself with the content, she began instructing others on the “Mina Method,” a set of exercises anyone can practice. Upon finishing her professional dancing career with the Tchaikovsky Memorial Tokyo Ballet company and Singapore Dance Theater, Mina established the Japanese ballet school “Studio Arts Passe” (formerly “Mina Ballet Art”) in Singapore in 2000. She spends her days providing instruction and teaches students and dancers at the Singapore Armed Forces Music & Drama Company, the Nanyan Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) and the ARTS FISSION Company, in addition to working as an examiner at the Lasalle College of the Arts and NAFA.
She is also a certified walking instructor and image consultant.


It is true that learning the Mina Method is not cheap. The reason being that Mina spent over 10 years testing these exercises on her own body in order to establish and satisfy herself with the program. One big difference, however, is that the Mina Method is taught in only 4 sessions. Of course, she offers follow-up guidance, but the rest is up to the individual to continue over the course of their life. Think of all the time and money that is saved as a result. This is the age of preventative medicine. Using the Mina Method to address your body each day, I hope that everyone will take responsibility for their own body and care for themselves in the true sense of the word. And realizing the changes taking place and how this leads to the prevention of illness and disease, I wish you all health and beauty with age.

The standard course consists of 4 sessions. This can be adjusted according to one’s level at the student’s request. We also offer more affordable semi-private classes.

It is also possible to add a walking class after your regular session. Using a proper, graceful walking technique improves posture, strengthens core muscles and completely changes the impression you create with your body. We provide instruction so you can more effectively execute this exercise that is an integral part of everyday life.

Mina method Package


Each session lasts 1 hour and 30 minutes

1 session $400
2 session $700
4 session $1,200

Semi-private 2 People

Each session lasts 1 hour and 45 minutes

1 session $350/person
2 session $600/person
4 session $1000/person

Semi-private 3 People

Each session lasts 2 hours

1 session $300/person
2 sessions $500/person
4 sessions $800/person

Walking class

This additional class can be taken after your Mina Method session.
Please request for this when making your reservation.

1 session/20 minutes

Private $30
Semi-private 2 people $25/person
Semi-private 3 people $20/person

Workshop and Seminar

We also have "home exercise for adults" and "everyday walking to strengthen your core muscle" workshop and seminar.
Please feel free to contact us to sign up.

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